Best 10 Vacuum Cleaners in India (2024) – Buyer’s Guide

A vacuum cleaner is an essential cleaning device for everyone, and it’s a big help for keeping your house or apartment free from dirt and dust.

If you have allergies, then a vacuum cleaner can make your life much easier when it comes to dealing with indoor allergens; simply switch on the device every now and then as an effective way of reducing airborne particles floating in the air that may cause allergies.

To help you with the selection process, we have listed out the most important points below to consider before buying a vacuum cleaner.

Before you proceed further, if interested have a look at the below listed best vacuum cleaners of top brands that you could consider buying at Amazon.

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SaleBestseller No. 1
AGARO Ace Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner, 1600 Watts, 21.5 kPa Suction Power, 21 litres Tank Capacity, for Home Use, Blower Function, Washable 3L Dust Bag, Stainless Steel Body (Black/Red/Steel)
  • 5 Stage Filtration Process
  • Flexible Hose
  • 21 litres stainless steel dust collection jar
  • 22 Kpa Suction power
  • 5 meters long cord,Power: 1600 Watts,Weight: 6 Kgs,1 Year Warranty
SaleBestseller No. 2
AGARO Rapid 1000-Watt, 10-Litre Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner, with Blower Function
  • Suitable for Wet & Dry Dual vacuuming
  • Large 10 Ltr Dust Collection Jar
  • Powerful 1000W Motor I Strong 16.5 kPa Suction
  • Equipped with Blower Function
  • 360° Swivel Hose for easily cleaning in any direction I 1.5 Mtr Long Hose
SaleBestseller No. 3
AGARO Regal 800 Watts Handheld Vacuum Cleaner,For Home Use,Dry Vacuuming,6.5 Kpa Suction Power,Lightweight,Lightweight&Durable Body,Small/Mini Size ( Black),0.8 Liter,Cloth
  • Efficient 800W motor, 6.5 kPa suction
  • Durable ABS & compact body
  • Crevice nozzle to clean Hard-To-Reach areas
  • 0.8 Ltr dust collecting capacity
  • Equipped with multiple cleaning brushes
SaleBestseller No. 4
Eureka Forbes Quick Clean DX Vacuum Cleaner with 1200 Watts Powerful Suction Control, 3 Free Reusable dust Bag worth Rs 500, comes with multiple accessories, dust bag full indicator (Red), standerd
  • Post Purchase virtual Demo is provided on this product .A dedicated customer service executive is assigned to give live demo of the product over a video call
  • Quick Clean DX is a canister vaccum cleaner for daily cleaning needs to get rid of deep embedded dirt & dust
  • 1200 Watts powerful suction provides deep cleaning
  • The product has 3 Free Reusable dust Bag worth Rs 500
  • The product has easy to use foot operated power on-off & auto cord winder switch that automatically winds the cord to protectr the wire from damage
SaleBestseller No. 5
Philips PowerPro FC9352/01-Compact Bagless Vacuum Cleaner for Home, 1900Watts for Powerful Suction, 16 A Plug, Compact and Lightweight, with PowerCyclone 5 Technology and MultiClean Nozzle
  • 1900-WATT DURABLE MOTOR: Durable 1900W motor generates up to 370W of high suction power for thorough cleaning results
  • POWERCYCLONE 5 TECHNOLOGY: PowerCyclone 5 technology accelerates the air flow in the cylindrical chamber to separate dust from the air and maintain high performance and strong suction power for longer
  • MULTICLEAN NOZZLE: MultiClean nozzle is designed to seal closely to the floor to ensure thorough cleaning across all floor types
  • HYGIENIC DUST DISPOSAL: Easy-to-empty dust container is designed for hygienic disposal with one hand, to help minimize dust cloud
  • COMPACT AND LIGHTWEIGHT: Compact and lightweight design ensure both storing and carrying the vacuum is easy
SaleBestseller No. 6
Agaro Regal Plus Upright Vacuum Cleaner, 2-In-1, Handheld & Stick For Home And Office Use, 800 Watts , Transparent |Disk filter 1 liter 1 piece
  • Powerful 2 in 1 vacuum cleaner with stick which allows you to customize vacuuming as per your needs.;Effective for floor, upholstery, sofas, carpet & hardwood floors. Picks up all kinds of crumbs, pet hair, dust etc.
  • Light weight & portable;0.8 L Dust collecting capacity; 6.5 kPa suction Pressure;5 Meters long power cord.
  • Power: 800 Watts;Contents: Main Unit, Upright handle, Crevice nozzle, floor brush, connector tool, multipurpose brush.
  • 1 Year Warranty.
  • Material Type: Plastic; Color Name: Transparent
SaleBestseller No. 7
BLACK+DECKER BDWD08-B1 1000W 8L Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner
  • The BLACK+DECKER Wet and Dry Vacuum cleaner is designed to simplify all your Wet and Dry cleaning need. It has a bagless design. Cleans everything, be it dust, water, daily waste
  • 1000 Watt with 8L tank: Equipped with a powerful 1000W motor which offers strong power and efficient cleaning performance. Strong 14kpa suction power
  • EASY MOVEMENT AND SPACE SAVING- Its 4 rolling casters make maneuverability easier and convenient to carry on the go with its carry handle. Solid 8L drum design makes it easy to carry and store.
  • Accessories: Unlock wheel ,Hose connection, Hose, Hose handle, Floor brush, Bristle brush , Crevice nozzle, Plastic three parts tube, 5.5m electric cord length
  • 1 year warranty provided by the manufacturer from the date of purchase
SaleBestseller No. 8
Eureka Forbes Wet & Dry Ultimo 1400 Watts Multipurpose Vacuum Cleaner,Power Suction & Blower with 20 litres Tank Capacity,6 Accessories,1 Year Warranty,Compact,Light Weight & Easy to use (Red)
  • Note-This vacuum cleaner comes with an auto shut off technology that automatically shuts off the vacuum cleaner to protect from overheating
  • Post Purchase virtual Demo is provided on this product .A dedicated customer service executive is assigned to give live demo of the product over a video call
  • Wet & Dry Cleaning : Has the ability to clean both wet and dry spills, which makes it extremely versatile. It completely does away with the need to carry separate equipment for wet and dry spills.
  • 1400 Watts Powerful Motor : This Vacuum Cleaner is powered with best in class 1400 W motor delivering powerful suction of 16 KPA to remove dirt & dirt mite.
  • Powerful Blower: Powered with powerful blower to blow away dust and dirt.
SaleBestseller No. 9
INALSA Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner for Home| 1200 Watt & 17 Kpa Suction |3in1 Multifunction Wet/Dry/Blowing|7 Metres Hose Length| Break Resistant Polymer Tank|10Liters|1year Warranty, (Yellow/Black)
  • Wet or dry, bagged or bagless - No matter it is dust, hair, daily waste, the device can clean the dirt perfectly. You don't need to change filter during operation. Please take out the cloth dust filter and use sponge filter when sucking liquid
  • Blower function- The blower function is suitable for drying and cleaning of narrow and hard- to-reach indoor or outdoor areas. For effective blowing results, do not use any filter in vacuum cleaner. To hold a large amount of waste, this vacuum cleaner boasts a container capacity of 10 litres
  • Powerful and durable – Equipped with powerful motor delivers 17KPA strong suction power and ensures long time operation. The vacuum cleaner has an impact resistant polymer tank for longer usage life
  • Safe buoy technology – Safe Buoy technology immediately stops sucking water when the liquid capacity reaches the critical point. This protects the machine from being damaged and guarantees superior lifetime. This device ensures low-noise operation
  • Flexible and convenient - With ergonomically carry handle, along with four 360° rotating wheels enable it to move flexibly to anywhere you need. Its compact and lightweight is easy to store without occupying much space
SaleBestseller No. 10
SHAYONAM 3IN1 Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner with Blower | USB Rechargeable Wireless Handheld Car Vacuum Cleaner Traveling, Camping Reusable,Portable,Rechargeable (Vacuum with Blower)(Multy)
  • vacuum cleaner is Portable, Lightweight, Compact, Washable Filter, HEPA
  • vacuum cleaner allows you to clean cigarette ash, dust, dirt and hair in a single use. Its strong suction of the motor effectively cleans the corners and under the seat areas.
  • EXCLUSIVE ROTATING - Car Vacuum Cleaner :- Powerful variation and fun in a compact size. Lithium-ion technology delivers powerful suction and fade-free power.
  • LITHIUM BATTERY DRIVEN :- This vacuum cleaner can be fully charged in 3-4 hours. It has a built-in 2000mAh lithium battery, which can last for 30-40 minutes. (40000RPM)
  • Included Components - USB Charging Cable, Product Manual, Extra Brush Nozzle, Vaccume Cleaner

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Now, we will discuss further on vacuum cleaners in terms of selection and FAQs.

How to choose a vacuum cleaner for your home?

There are some factors that need to be considered when choosing a vacuum cleaner. These factors include:

Budget – What can you afford in terms of price? How much are you willing to spend on a machine that will make cleaning easier?

Cleaning needs – What kind of messes need to be cleaned the most? Are you going to use your vacuum cleaner for commercial purposes or only at home? Does it have to handle pet hair, small dirt particles or large detached debris?

Ease of use – How often do you use your vacuum cleaner? Is it going to be used by other people in the household?

Keep all of these factors in mind when choosing a machine. It will make it easier for you to choose the best one. Here are some tips on how to pick:

  • If you want a portable device, choose something lighter – You won’t be able to lug around a heavy unit all through the house. If you have rugs or carpets in your home, choose a machine with soft wheels that won’t be scratched by the fibres.
  • Check if there are attachments provided – The more attachments included in your package, the more things you will be able to clean up. It is also nice being able to do small cleaning tasks without having to drag out your entire vacuum cleaner.
  • Brush roll – You want a soft brush roll so as not to damage your rugs and carpets. It is also good for upholstered furniture like couches and beds. Be sure that the brush does not rotate too fast though or else it may cause damage to delicate materials such as silk draperies.
  • Bagless or bagged  – If you have pets in the household, then go for a bagless unit. The last thing you want is pet hair sucking back into the machine after a job well done. This will make it harder to clean later on down the road. On top of that, subscribing to an ongoing replacement of dust bags can get quite expensive.
  • Weight – It is always better to buy a light vacuum cleaner as it will be easy to maneuver during cleaning.  Using a heavy machine is not a prudent thing to do as cleaning around the house can be quite exhausting.
  • Motor type – Choosing a motor will depend upon how much power your vacuum needs. If it is being used for pet hair, then go for one with a strong suction power but not too powerful that it could damage delicate fabrics and rugs.
  • Filters – You will find that there are two types of filter systems commonly used by manufacturers. One is a bagless filter system which uses foam and the other is a bagged filter system wherein the dirt goes through an outer layer into a disposable paper or cloth material. Bagless filters are recommended for people with allergies to dust mites.
  • Design – Is it slim enough to fit in tight spaces? Do you need something that won’t topples over easily? Is the handle comfortable to grip? What about wheels? Consider these factors when choosing your vacuum cleaner.
  • Check out reviews – If you have no idea which unit is right for you, what better way than to ask around or check online forums where users post questions on vacuum cleaners.  Read reviews from actual users so that you can get a feel of how they liked their vacuums. Amazon’s top vacuum reviews will also give an insight into the best-selling vacuum cleaners of the day.
  • Warranty – This is very important especially if your vacuum cleaner will be used around kids and animals. Be sure to read through the warranty carefully so that you won’t run into any surprises later on down the road.


Types of vacuum cleaners

Upright vacuum cleaners – These upright vacuums are the most popular today since they can be used in a variety of cleaning situations. If you have an area rug but also want to clean bare floors, then this is the type of machine that you should consider.

Canister vacuum cleaner – The canister vacuum cleaner works similarly to an upright vacuum, but it is a lot more portable. It does not work as well, however, since its power and suction are significantly less than the upright counterpart.

Handheld vacuum cleaner – Do you want to clean hard-to-reach areas like underneath your bed or couch? Then the handheld vacuum cleaner will be perfect for you since it allows you to get around any area that you need to clean.

Wet/dry vacuum (industrial) – The wet/dry vacuum cleaner is designed for industrial use, but it can be used to remove a large amount of dirt from the air as well. If your home is located in an area with high levels of water damage or mold, then this will be the best type of vacuum for you to purchase.

Note: If you want a cheaper machine than vacuum cleaner to clean your carpets, a carpet sweeper can come in handy. This is a basic device that does not have any suction and can only be used for cleaning thin rugs and carpets.


Frequently Asked Questions on Vacuum Cleaners

1. Dry vs wet vacuum cleaners, how do they work?

A wet/dry vacuum cleaner is one that can handle both liquid spills and non-liquid materials. It is perfect for use in home, car, office or any other setting where there are a lot of dried liquids to deal with. Some models can even be used as blowers so it can get rid of leaves and other debris on hard surfaces.

The reason why this type of machine is called “dry” has to do with its filtration system which uses HEPA technology (High Efficiency Particulate Air) so that no liquid will leak out to the environment when cleaning up messes. This kind of vacuum is also great for those who desire cleanliness in their homes.

In order to have the best experience when using this type of vacuum, make sure that you will purchase one that has a removable water tank and a drain hose so that it can be emptied easily. That way, there won’t be any hassle afterwards. Again, read through reviews online since doing so can provide valuable information about how well certain models perform.


2. How do robotic vacuum cleaners work?

Robotic vacuum cleaners work by utilising sensors that can detect dirt and clean it up in an efficient way. They are generally fast and powerful, so you don’t have to wait too long before your floors are cleaned. These models also work quietly which is a big plus for anyone who needs to use them at times when the whole family is sleeping or during off-peak hours of the day. These vacuums work in a way that there isn’t any hassle involved, so you can enjoy the convenience of having one in your home.


3. Can car vacuum cleaner be used at home?

Yes, you can actually use your car vacuum cleaner at home. The major difference between a car vacuum and a regular one is the size and also the portability. A car vacuum has to be small enough so that it will fit into tight spaces such as cars, trucks, boats or any other vehicle with limited space. It should also be lightweight so that it can be picked up easily and carried around.


4. How to use wet and dry vacuum cleaner?

A wet and dry vacuum cleaner is not difficult to operate. Basically it works by sucking up dirt, trash, pet hair and other types of debris in its path. The filter system will then separate the unwanted materials from the air that goes through so that you won’t have to worry about breathing in microscopic particles which can cause health problems such as asthma.

Vacuum a carpet or rug – Start by unplugging your vacuum and turning on its brush roll so that it will go over the surface of the carpet. There are models out there that automatically switch from suction to brushing, so you just have to sit back and relax while it does all the work.

Deep clean a hardwood floor – Hardwood floors are beautiful but can get dirty over time when not kept clean. It is recommended that you use a vacuum cleaner with an attachment for bare floors in order to have the most effective clean.

Remove stains on soft surfaces – Use your vacuum’s upholstery or crevice tool to clean up stains on your soft surfaces such as couches, carpets, curtains and pillows. These tools can be used effectively to remove any kind of material (from pet hair to crumbs) that causes your soft surfaces to become dirty.

Use a portable vacuum cleaner – Portability is the key with these models since they are usually smaller and lighter than other vacuums that can be used around the house. Plus, you will be able to easily grab one whenever you need it since there isn’t any cord involved.



It’s not always easy to keep your home clean, especially if you have pets and a large family. Fortunately, there are plenty of tools that can help make the job easier for you. From vacuum cleaners to carpet sweepers, these inventions all come with their own advantages, so make sure to pick the one that will work best in your situation. We hope that you have found this article useful and that you are now able to choose the vacuum cleaner that will work best for your needs.